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Ant Pest Control Dhaka Bangladesh

Ants Control Dhaka

Ants are small industrious creatures that can be found all around the globe. They are very active in warm seasons and lay mostly dormant in winter. There are many known types of ants. In Bangladesh, red imported fire ants, argentine ants, black house ants, and carpenter ants are the most common types.

Ants are generally seen as a nuisance. They may not cause severe issues, but once your house is infested by them, you will find them everywhere. Having a large number of ants around all the time can be troubling. Maybe you are discomfited by ants too and have looked for an ant control service in Dhaka Bangladesh.

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    Why Do You Need Ant Control Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh?

    Ants usually make their nests outdoors and only come inside houses to search for food and water. If you see even one ant around your food, you can be sure that many are coming to follow. Ants can communicate the location of food so a large number of them can gather within a few minutes.

    An ant infestation can be very disturbing since they are known to be crawling everywhere. They will crawl over your food and nibble on them. They will also run around your house and might even run all over your body.  This will cause you discomfort. Having your house crawling with ants will also get you bitten by them every once in a while. Some ant bites can be painful and itchy.

    Ants enter your house with the hopes of food and moisture. They can contaminate your food items with diseases. Sometimes they gather inside food items in such a way that it has to be thrown away. Carpenter ants are a type of ants that bite their way through the wood and turn it into powder.

    To avoid troubles caused by ants, call an ant control service in Dhaka today.

    Problems caused by Ants

    Ants can come inside your house through small openings. They leave a trail of pheromones for other ants to follow when they find a food source. That is why lines of them are seen to gather around crumbs of food. They are usually lured inside houses by the promise of food and water.

    Ants can transmit diseases that are borne through food. They can transfer present bacteria in your house to your food. They can also spread pathogens such as E.coli, shigella, salmonella, etc. You should not eat foods that are nibbled on by ants to be on the safe side.

    All ants are capable of biting when they feel threatened. Their bites can be painful and may trigger an allergic reaction in some people. Carpenter ants can damage your wooden items.

    Now that you know what a nuisance a seemingly inconspicuous ant can be, maybe you should go look up ant control service near me.

    How to Get Rid of Ants?                           

    There are several things you can do to discourage the growth of an ant colony in your home. Some of the steps you can take are-

    • Keep your house clean of food crumbs. Wipe away spilled food from the floor and tables as soon as possible.
    • Do not keep dirty dishes in the sink for the night. Morsels of food clinging to them can invite ants.
    • Keep your food covered or store them in airtight containers. It will keep them out of the reach of ants.
    • Clean your cupboards and kitchen counters. Crumbs of food laying about there can encourage ant population.
    • Take your meals and snacks in a single room. That’d keep an ant infestation from spreading throughout your house.

    Following all these steps can control the ant population. If you still struggle with an ant outbreak, you should call up an ant control service in Dhaka.

    Why Choose Us?

    We at SM Pest Control know how to control ants. You can trust the expertise we have accumulated by being the solution to the query of ant control service near me for several years. Ants are tenacious creatures; they cannot be killed by using the same technique every time. They have a surprising ability to get used to a chemical if it is used a few times in a row. Over the years, we have added several ant control tools and techniques to our arsenal.

    Here are some of our techniques discussed in brief-

    Baiting Gels: Baiting gels do not instantly kill off the ants that eat them. These gels work slowly, and they can be passed on from one ant to another. This technique can infect and exterminate the whole colony.

    Baiting Stations: Baiting stations are ready-made apparatus that lure in the ants with delicious bait. The ants carry the baits to their nest and share among themselves. As a result, the whole colony can be infected and exterminated.


    General Insecticide Spraying: This is a common technique that an Ant Control Service in Bangladesh is sure to use. Insecticides are sprayed around places that are known to be inhabited by ants for exterminating them. These insecticides should be kept out of children’s reach and used with caution.

    Customized Insecticide Spraying:  For our ant control service in Dhaka, sometimes we inspect a place and decide that a certain chemical can produce the result. We then set about to use that customized insecticide spray to get you rid of the ant population. Our experts can safely handle the chemicals without causing a health hazard.

    Our staff is sincere and punctual in their work. They will go to inspect your place when you asked them to and search out the ant habitats. Then they will figure out the best technique to exterminate them. When they are done, you will be left with a home with a 0 ant population.

    Ants create several problems, and we urge you not to leave them alone to inhabit your home. If you are having trouble with the ant population, contact us today. We at SM Pest Control are always ready to do ant control, termite control, bedbug control, and several other types of pest control for you.